What Does It Mean To “Char-Finish” Prime Rib?

Buddy’s Clubhouse offers our guests to try an exclusive option pioneered by Buddy himself. The kitchen at Buddy’s Clubhouse’s Restaurant cooks our Steaks, Burgers and Chicken breasts on a char-broiler gas grill – similar to what you may have at home – outside on your deck or in your back yard…

Buddy's Clubhouse Prime Rib Char-Broil-Finish-Option
Prime Rib @ Buddy’s Clubhouse w/ Char-Finish

While trying out recipes and experimenting with new menu ideas, Buddy & Terri would prepare various meals for their friends and family. Buddy, after he had brought his Prime Rib to temperature, would sear it on the char-broiler for just a moment or two – to lock in the natural juices and offer that unique, grill-mark texture.

Many of his family and friends were amazed & impressed by the unique flavor & texture and suggested it should be offered as a permanent menu option.

After positive feedback, it was agreed that we would definitely add it to our Menu as a complimentary Option for our guests to enjoy.